I asked nothing 我一无所求
I asked nothing, only stood at the edge of the wood behind the tree. 我一无所求,只站在林边树后。
Languor was still upon the eyes of the dawn, and the dew in the air. 倦意还逗留在黎明的眼上,露润在空气里。
The lazy smell of the damp grass hung in the thin mist above the earth. 湿草的懒味悬垂在地面的薄雾中。
Under the banyan tree you were milking the cow with your hands, tender and fresh as butter. 在榕树下你用乳油般柔嫩的手挤着牛奶。
And I was standing still. 我沉静地站立着。
I did not say a word. It was the bird that sang unseen from the thicket. 我没有说出一个字。那是藏起的鸟儿在密叶中歌唱。
The mango tree was shedding its flowers upon the village road, and the bees came humming one by one. 芒果树在树径上撒着繁花,蜜蜂一只一只地嗡嗡飞来。
On the side of the pond the gate of Shiva’s temple was open and the worshipper had begun his chants. 池塘边湿婆天的庙门开了,朝拜者开始诵经。
With the vessel on your lap you were milking the cow. 你把罐儿放在膝上挤着牛奶。
I stood with my empty can. 我提着空桶站立着。
I did not come near you. 我没有走近你。
The sky woke with the sound of the gong at the temple. 天空和庙里的锣声一同醒起。
The dust was raised in the road from the hoofs of the driven cattle. 街尘在驱走的牛蹄下飞扬。
With the gurgling pitchers at their hips, women came from the river. 把汩汩发响的水瓶搂在腰上,女人们从河边走来。
Your bracelets were jingling, and foam brimming over the jar. 你的钏镯丁当,乳沫溢出罐沿。
The morning wore on and I did not come near you. 晨光渐逝而我没有步近你。